Simple [diy] farmhouse curtain rods

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You know when you have an idea for something but simply can not find what you are looking for in stores? I seem to have this dilemma a lot... and I recently realized it can all be solved with a little DIY project. A couple weeks ago I was preparing to hang some new boho white ruffle curtains from Urban Outfitters in our living room and could not find a simple wooden curtain rod for the life of me. I wanted it to be simple yet charming and have a vintage vibe. So, I took a trip to Menards and figured out just how to make my vision come to life. The BEST part each window will cost under $25 dollars (and it looks like it cost $50). 
Supplies for one window: the quantity and lengths will vary on the window
[1] wooden dowel rod 1 1/4" with a length that will extend over the window $6-12
[2] decorative hooks or brackets to hold the rod.. I chose these simple industrial style hooks from Hobby Lobby $3-5.99
Stain of your choice, sand paper + tack cloths 
Then simply follow these easy steps... 
1. Cut the rod to the length of your window + 4 or so inches for each side. You want the curtain rod to be a statement and balance the window not hang equal with the trim. Be sure to cut it before staining.. you'll thank yourself later. 
2. Stain the posts + rods. I sanded them well, then used a tack cloth to remove debris. I didn't varnish them because I like a dull wood stain.  To keep the posts upright as they dry use a shoe box to hold them. 
3. After about 24 hours or so when the stain is dry, drill a hole into the end of each rod the size of the screw on the post... then from here it is just putting them up.
4. Hang the hooks in the appropriate spot... I hung mine about 3" above the window to create height. Next, place your curtains on the rods and attach the posts.
In decor I always think less is more and these simple curtains with a little boho, little farmhouse flare are just what every home needs. 





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