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Sometimes in different cultures & societies we adopt fashion statements solely on the aesthetic rather than the purpose. Squash Blossom necklaces seem to be that piece of fashion for me. I love the way they create this amazing & interesting statement piece any way you style them. I also have a deep love for the southwest & the Native American culture. So, today I did a little digging to learn more about the Squash Blossom as well as show you some of my favorite ways to style them. 

Squash Blossoms have been an iconic piece of jewelry for a very long time. One source explained how they are mentioned in the book of Judges adorning the neck of camel's, while some other sources say they were adopted by Spanish Mexicans in the early 1870's. But, the main culture we associate with Squash Blossoms today are Native Americans. The meaning behind the name is just as it sounds, to reflect the flowering blossom on the squash, as well as corn, & other important plants in southwestern agriculture. Some forums also mention that the design was influenced by the end of a pomegranate... I guess we will never know. One other important fact regarding the terminology are the three main parts: the plain round beads, the petals & the Naja ( the main pendant). 

 I styled up some of my favorite ways to rock a Squash Blossom...

Pair a Turquoise Squash Blossom with a bold contrasting color such as the Amarillo Tie Top. The same goes with the white buffalo Squash Blossom paired with the subtle yet complementing Agave tee. Both tops are available on the website. 
 Sometimes less is more, pair a simple white tank with your favorite high-waisted shorts & a pop of Turquoise. 
Create an edgy style with ripped boyfriend style denim, a classic black tee, & a white buffalo Squash Blossom.
 Mix & match with floral. The white in the necklace pulls from the white in the floral pattern so they really compliment one another. Always try to style with accent colors if you are wearing a pattern or print. 
Add a chambray top, a cotton dress, & a pop of Turquoise. I styled the Wheat Flour Yoke Dress (available on the website) with a simple chambray top from Target. You could also layer the dress with a cardigan or denim jacket. The turquoise Squash Blossom would also look amazing with a simple black, denim, or grey shirt/shift dress. 


I hoped you learned a little something you didn't know before. :)

Here are some of the sources I used if you would love to learn a little more:

1. River Trading Post Squash Blossom History

2. History Behind the Squash Blossom

3. Squash History & Meaning

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