About the Peddler

If you want to learn more about the heart behind Refined Peddler you came to the right place. Since we can not meet in person (maybe someday soon we can), I want to make it as personal as I possibly can-- so imagine we are chatting over coffee & some homemade pumpkin muffins, on my back porch. 

First off, let me say HI. I am Kianna, the "peddler" and creator of all the craziness involved. I am a Midwest hog farmer's wife who likes to make things simple, chic, timeless, & down to earth. I am a lover of nature, a good margarita, & some unique fashion sense who dabbles as a cook, baker, crafter, photographer, calligrapher, decorator, shopper & adventurer.

Now just because I’m from the Midwest doesn’t mean I always have to dress like it–I  have incorporated a fashion blend into Refined Peddler Apparel of west coast cool girl, Santa Fe turquoise lover, Midwest farm gal,  preppy southerner, & a smidgen of edgy New Yorker.

A long time ago I made it my mission to be eccentric. This my friends is real middle class fashion that does not follow what everyone else is doing. We all need a little more backbone to do & wear whatever we want. I have always wanted a way to share my creative vibes & style with others. I want to create a new kind of shopping experience and show every woman she is beautiful. I am blending my lifestyle blog with an online boutique and incorporating my taste, personality, two-sense, & creative energy into every piece, post, & purchase. When you shop with Refined Peddler, you are buying from a real soul. 

Apparel is more then just a utilitarian item we need to cover our bodies. Apparel is a way of expression & can make you feel so empowered. If we stop to think about it, we make memories in our apparel. I can remember the dress I wore on my first date with my husband and how special it is to me. Refined Peddler Apparel is the little shop you come to when you need that perfect addition to your wardrobe; something chic, effortless, & a little unconventional. Whether it is for a special occasion or just because you need something pretty to wear.

AND... this is how The Refined Peddler came to be. Just as a peddler goes around with a collection of wares, so do we. I promise to bring you some of the best apparel, accessories, & unique pieces to help you write your story & chase your passion. There will never be another person like you...so act like it, darlin’.

RPA is like shoppin' with your friend

& if nothing else I hope you get some good ole’ inspiration out of it all

Stay wild & sweet. XO