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About the Peddler


A retail experience in the pursuit of the slower things in life. Being less driven to consume, but driven to inspire. Goods for living life in, not goods for the trends. A heart for giving. A life given to Jesus. Less is more. More curated and capsule wardrobes, less wear it once styles. Styles made with quality and natural fibers. Focused on a good layer and lots of layering techniques. Timeless wardrobes. Unique statements. And all the things in between.

Refined Peddler is focused on creating a lifestyle choice to enjoy the finer things in life. Like time with our children, watching the sunset more often, home cooked meals, a night in, not over consuming to meet the standards of the world. A Sunday morning spent in church. A walk in the sunshine.

A business rooted in Jesus. Retail is not your typical ministry, but if we allow God and the Holy Spirit to guide and lead and fill our businesses the work done for His kingdom will amaze you. Spirituality does not just happen in church, it should fill our lives. And the simplest conversations at a coffee shop, a clothing store, over life shared on socials,  a check-out line, waiting at a restaurant can point to Jesus. The main goal: share His love, share His word, and use ordinary tasks at Refined Peddler to point back to Jesus. Maybe it’s a bible verse on a package, a quote, a hug, a smile to a stranger. You never know how God can use you to be a piece of someone else testimony. Around here we believe that somedays you might be the closest thing to God someone encounters.

“Once you realize the Lord of creation is your boss, a new and transformative reality sets in. He is the one in charge and you are running a company for Him!”

This business allows me to work from our family's generational Hog and row crop farm in central Illinois while raising our daughter and soon to be baby two this summer. He has lined every step of the path and I am so overjoyed that I have been able to serve customers online, through market adventures, through our brief brick + mortar location and hopefully much more. The goal has always been to create a space full of peace, joy, laughter, light, safeness and fresh perspective. I always pray that Refined Peddle is more than just clothes, that is can be an escape, a reminder of the good things in the world when the outside world feels heavy.  A style idea that is easily suited for all of life's experiences. A space that can serve women in the rural parts of the midwest.

 with love,