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Homemade (no-cook) Strawberry Jam

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Nothing quite beats fresh picked strawberries + they are even better turned into a sweet (no cooking required) homemade freezer jam. This year we hit the strawberry fields and picked some 53 lbs of berries to enjoy fresh, freeze (for smoothies, deserts + eating) as well as make enough jam to get us to next June. I love to use this simple and easy freezer jam on pb + j's, toast, crackers, pastries and anything you could want jam for. 



If you have never made freezer before, it has a lot of benefits compared to it's traditional friend "jam". I love freezer jam because it is quick and easy, requires no cooking and no canning is involved. Since the berries are not cooked the jam tastes fresh like its berry season all year long. 

I shared the link straight to the Sure Jell website which is the recipe I use (they have step by step instructions so there is no need for me to re-write them :))



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