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Headed to the field meals

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Hey farm momma, farm wife and all the gals who are in charge of field meal delivery during harvest + planting seasons. Sometimes it's hard to think of what what you are going to cook up quick to run around to various fields. My favorite trick? Make a list of easy, quick, and mainly hand held meals to look at when you need help trying to decide what to make! 


Here is a few of our farm's favorites: 

  • burgers-around here it is usually pork burgers :)
  • pizza by the yard 
  • hot ham + cheese sliders 
  • pork tenderloin sliders 
  • blt's
  • sloppy joes
  • burritos 
  • grilled buffalo chicken sandwich 
  • quesadillas (loaded with meat, veggies, salsa, guac)
  • chicken salad sandwich 
  • ham salad
  • meatball subs 
  • brats 

+ if you are not in the mood to cook, we've all been there, guys never turn down Casey's pizza or any other form of carry out! 

Sometimes the main dish is the easy part but I try to think of different things to serve as a side so it's not always chips and grapes. Here are some of my go-to sides that are easy to put in these solo containers or my new favorite find paper sandwich bags


  • chips
  • sweet potato wedges/fries 
  • fruits (apples, grapes, oranges, strawberries) 
  • rice 
  • baked beans
  • broccoli + carrots
  • pasta salads
  • chopped salad kits (find them at almost all grocery stores)

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