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First slice of 2024 [lemon cake]

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Oh, how I love the "first slice" of a New Year. It gives me so much creative energy and just the feeling of a whole year to plan and make goals for, or attempt too. I can make as many plans and goals as I want, which is healthy for growth, but I always have to remember, sometimes plans change and that's okay, because let's face it, God's plans are always better anyway. But wherever the New Year may take us there is still something inspiring about a clean slate. One of my favorite ways to spend January is taking time to declutter and organize all our closets, storage areas, bathroom cupboards, pantry, coat closets, desks, files, all the things to get reset for another year. One of my least favorite things to do is tax prep but when that task is finished I always reward myself with some fun goal and creative planning for home projects and the business side of our life. And of course baking, a cold winter day is the perfect day for good food, well any day is really, but you get the idea.

Speaking of goals, one of my goals for my business and social media area of life this year is to use this journal area on my website to share recipes and meals we are loving. Since I started this business in 2018, it has always been a goal to share some lifestyle things and be more than just apparel. Which I will be the first to admit has not been a strength of mine recently, social media and sharing has kinda been "ehhh" for me the past year or so. But it is 2024 and I am ready to share more of the things that inspire and keep all things about this business positive and light giving. While maintaining a level of privacy for our small business family and understanding that it is okay to not share every detail of your life. However, recipes? That I can do, the kitchen is my most favorite place in our home. So, forks up to good food and other good things in 2024! 

First on the list is a new recipe I tried this month and it was delicious! I will say make the cake and maybe freeze 1/2 if you won't eat it all in 2-3 days, it did get a little dry as time went on :)

Recipe here: https://magnolia.com/blog/recipe/c87a8919-2ed9-40cb-819a-24f3481dcb82/lemon-bundt-cake/ 

I made the cake just as the recipe states and came up with my own version of lemon icing. 

Melt 4T butter with 5T or so of lemon juice in a small saucepan over low heat until combined. Remove from heat and add about 1 C of powdered sugar or a hint more to make a glaze frosting consistency. Whisk in 1 T of vanilla as well and drizzle over cake while still warm. ENJOY! 


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